Cycle 2 – Module 5 – Lecture 7 – Hormone therapies to live longer: Estrogen & progesterone in women, testosterone in men & women (1h39)

This attractive video lecture offers new insights on how hormone deficiencies may increase mortality and how hormone supplements may, on the contrary, improve survival and extend life. This approach may for some individuals be one of the best ways to increase their life expectancy by treating the hormone causes of premature mortality.

An abundant number of observational studies is reviewed that show low levels of estrogen & progesterone in women, testosterone in men & women to be associated with higher mortality.

Several trials are discussed where supplements of these hormones improve survival.

A special focus is provided in this session on how higher levels of these hormones may reduce the mortality of a series of life-threatening conditions, such as myocardial infarction, stroke, AIDS, COVID19, sepsis, cancer, etc.


Practical tips, doses, and other important information are provided in this session.


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