Module 5 – Lecture 2 – Hormone supplementations for chronic fatigue syndromes, part 1

This lecture will be centered on the first hormone deficiencies to think of as causing fatigue in patients and will clarify what to do about them.

  • After attending this lecture you will know how to diagnose hormone deficiencies, such as thyroid, cortisol, DHEA, aldosterone, and testosterone deficits, that cause fatigue by medical history, physical signs and symptoms of deficiency, and laboratory tests
  • You will be able to interview the patient to distinguish which hormone deficiency is causing each type of fatigue (morning, afternoon, evening, whole day, stress fatigue) the differences in types of fatigue
  • You will learn to correct these hormone deficiencies, with hormone supplements at adequate doses in hormone-deficient patients.
  • You will get to know some of the scientific studies that support this information, including the double-blind placebo-controlled trials.


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