Module 3 – Lecture 7 Reversing neck, chest, abdomen, back, and arm aging with hormone therapies (2h04)

With this lecture you will learn everything about systemic and topical hormones and nutritional therapies to get a slim and firm body again:

  • Neck: Loose skin folds, goiter
  • Chest: Reversing gynecomastia (men); small or droopy breasts (women)
  • Abdomen: Reversing bloating, obese or droopy abdomen, excess
  • Back: droopy muscles, sarcopenia, fat accumulation, bison hump
  • Trunk; thinness, sagging skin
  • Arms: Reversing fatty, droopy oar atrophic arms, sagging triceps, elbow
  • Hands: fingernail abnormalities palm atrophy and wrinkling, Dupuytren syndrome, swollen hands, dehydrated skin, and many more

Clinical case of a patient

This course is composed of 1 video, 1 PDF presentation, 1 PDF with the references, and 1 quiz.

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