Fatigue, Burnout, and post-traumatic brain injury syndrome: dietary and nutritional supplementations for fatigue (2h13)

This lecture will be focused on the environmental, lifestyle, dietary, and micro nutritional factors that may cause fatigue, and what to do about them.

  • After attending this lecture you will be able to diagnose and correct dietary errors that cause fatigue
  • You will be able to suspect and detect pollutants (heavy metals, pesticides, sick building syndrome, etc.) that cause fatigue by medical history, physical signs, and symptoms, and whenever possible laboratory tests; and correct them with pollutant avoidance, nutritional supplements, detoxification therapies.
  • You will know how to diagnose nutritional deficiencies that cause fatigue by medical history, physical signs and symptoms of deficiency, and laboratory tests; and how to correct them with nutritional supplements at efficient doses.
  • You will get to know the scientific studies that support this information, including the double-blind placebo-controlled trials


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  • Reference: M8-EBNT.
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