Reversing Obesity with Nutritional and Hormone Therapies

Featuring videos of the speaker supported by slides in .pdf format.

The seminar starts with an overview of hormone deficiencies and therapies and delves further into the following issues:

  • How to make patients control their appetite and choose better foods through appropriate nutritional supplements, improved habits, lifestyle changes, and hormone therapies.
  • How to make patients lose weight efficiently through effective hormone-supported weight loss programs.
  • How to make patients get a firmer body at all levels, not only tougher biceps, but also a firmer face and triceps, a flatter chest and belly, tighter cellulite-free thighs, slimmer calves, etc.
  • How to not regain lost weight: the golden rules.
  • How to detect, by physical examination, the link between local areas of fat accumulation and hormone deficiencies/excesses that cause them, allowing you to implement the hormone therapies that can make these undesirable local fat accumulations disappear.
  • Training your practical know-how with practical case studies.

Supported by key scientific studies.


Essential information for physicians wishing to make their patients slim for good. The indispensable workshop for all physicians who want to be more efficient about weight loss programs, while focusing on making the patient’s body become substantially firmer and younger in terms of health and physical appearance.




  1. Endocrine system – An overview
  2. Controlling the appetite to lose weight & stay slim
  3. Getting a firm body
  4.  Weight- and fat-loss programs
  5. Do not regain the lost weight – Golden rules
  6. Excessive appetite due to hormone deficiencies and excesses
  7. Hormones to reduce obesity and reverse overweight
  8. Patient Cases – Diagnosis and treatment

Efficient slimming therapies with growth hormone, HCG, thyroid, testosterone, DHEA, melatonin, IGF-1, melanotan II, oxytocin, progesterone, chromium, 5-HTP, lithium, specific diets, and many more.

Note: This series features the videos of the speaker accompanied by the relevant slides in .pdf format. As no synchronized on screen slide presentation is available, the price has been attractively adapted.


This is Dr Hertoghe’s best and most cutting edge seminar on obesity management

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