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The Essential Longevity and Quality of Life Training Program is a short training program that provides basic and some more advanced information on longevity and quality of life medical therapies.

It provides useful information to help physicians safely start and efficiently advance in the administration of the most frequently applied longevity and quality of life medical therapies.

This is a key educational training program in longevity and quality of life medicine.

fee for the Essential Longevity and Quality of Life Training Program is €5000, consists of:

| Learning material: €4500

| Examination fees: €500 to take the exam (In case of failure: €250 to repass the exam)

Why should you as a physician get
the Essential Longevity and Quality of Life Training Program?

+ To acquire the essential scientific information and practical know-how in longevity and quality of life medical therapies. Follow lessons on major hormone therapies (thyroid, female hormones, testosterone, DHEA, melatonin, growth hormone…), senescence, genetic typing tests, how to improve the diet, sexuality, nutritional tests and supplementation, stem cell therapies, nutritional therapies, etc.

+ To get you an official scientific society supported diploma by the World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine (WOSAAM) and its president, Dr. Thierry Hertoghe.

+ To raise enthusiasm: it is a pleasure for physicians to feel they master the basic and many of the advanced skills in Longevity and Quality of Life Medicine.

+ To join the movement of more than 7000 physicians of the WOSAAM community.


Conditions for the Essential Longevity and Quality of Life Training Program

4 Essential conditions

1. Register here

2. Payment of 5000 euros (Payment possible by bank transfer or Paypal)

3. University medical doctor’s license/diploma or registration in the medical board: Copy to send to

4. Exam: 60% or more of the points must be obtained to pass the exam successfully.


Contains 20 online video courses



Acquire the basic scientific information and practical know-how in anti-aging medical therapies with this Fellowship.

Senescence: Basics

Senescence: The ABCs of aging with prenatal & childhood anti-aging medicine

Hormone Therapy Consultation: Basics

Include hormone therapies in your anti-aging clinic

Genetic Typing Tests

Check for genetic predispositions for disease

Diet: Protein, Carbohydrate & Fat-rich Foods

Choose the best health-stimulating macronutrients

Diet: Healthy & Toxic Drinks

The drinks that improve health or worsen it

Diet: Toxic Foods & Food Preparation

The foods and cooking that make people sick

Digestion: Improving the Gut

How to works with probiotics, hydrochloric acid and pancreatic enzymes and eliminate microbial overgrowth

Weight Loss Diets

The A to Z on how to control weight with diets and improvement of psychological status

Nutritional tests, Vitamin & Mineral Therapies

The ABCs of nutritional therapy

Trace Element, Amino & Fatty Acid Therapies

The D to Ms of nutritional therapies

Psychic Disorders: Nutritional Therapies

How to improve the mood, memory, sleep, and consciousness with nutritional supplements

Stem Cell Therapies

Repopulate aging organs with new, young cells

Better Life Psychology

Humor, spirituality, meditation, love and other tools to make the mind work better

Male & Female Sexuality

Hormone, nutritional and surgical therapies to restore sexual function

Physical Exercise

The basics to physical exercise and posture

Pollution & Environmental Medicine

Survival guide-information to get out of the pollution that surrounds us

Nutritional & Hormone Therapy Workshop 1

Practice hormone therapy with patient cases presenting hormone and nutritional deficiencies

15 Major Hormone Therapies

A review of the most frequently prescribed and useful hormone therapies

Genital & Other Cancers: Nutritional Therapies

The nutritional therapies that may help prevent and slow down cancer development

Rheumatoid & Other Diseases: Nutritional Therapies

How to prevent or relieve rheumatoid disorders and other inflammatory diseases or organ damage with nutritional supplements

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