Cycle 2 – Module 8 – Lecture 3 – Appetite reduction for slimness (2h05)

Content is one video of 2h05, a PDF presentation file, and PDF references.

The recommendations, which are reviewed here, include:
1. Sleeping enough
2. Relaxing, reducing stress: dietary and non-dietary ways
3. Increasing energy by ways other than eating food
4. Frequent short physical activities throughout the day
5. Focusing on the food while eating
6. Chewing the food five times more, chewing gum
7. Drink more water, drink soups
8. Eating protein-rich foods
9. Eating fat-rich foods
10. Eating low-sugar fruits and vegetables
11. Avoiding coffee, soft drinks, and alcohol
12. Avoiding sugar and sweets
13. Eating a low-carb diet
14. Safe, natural, and nutritional appetite-reducers

– Practical tips, doses
– Scientific studies



This enlightening video lecture offers new and in-depth insight in reducing appetite by correcting lifestyle and dietary factors that lead to excessive appetite.

This session reviews several habits that increase appetite and should therefore be avoided. Among these, a lack of sleep clearly increases the global appetite and in particular for sweets. Other habits are discussed.

Efficient diets to reduce the appetite are protein- and fat-rich diets. However, the best is a low-carb diet, which usually accompanies high-protein and high-fat diets. These diets are discussed and practical tips provided.

This session much additional information, and is illustrated with many pictures and scientific references.


Educational outcome:
To transmit knowledge on which habits and dietary issues decrease or increase appetite


Learning outcomes:
Physicians learn

  1. More about the most important factors that influence appetite
  2. How to encourage their patients to stop appetite-increasing habits and choose appetite-reducing habits.
  3. How to encourage their patients to stop ingesting appetite-increasing drinks and foods, and how to choose appetite-reducing drinks and foods.
  4. More about scientific studies that support this information.


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