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Passive Assistance Training (PAT)

Passive Assistance Training at Dr Hertoghe’s clinic.

As a passive assistant, you will join Dr. Hertoghe and his team for one or more days of consultation.

Passive Assistance Training” is a very practical and useful experience that will help physicians and healthcare professionals in their medical practice. It is a premium service open to all healthcare professionals.

Dr. Hertoghe clinic is located in Brussels, Belgium.


| One day: 450€

| Two or more days: 400€ /day



NB:  When attending the training of “passive assistance”, it is suggested that the doctor take herself/himself a consultation as a patient with one of our doctors to fully experimented with the full training to achieve masteries hormone and nutritional therapies in his/her consultation.

For that private consultation and doing the training as passive assistance at the same time, it is important to take into consideration that we recommend you book 3 weeks in advance because a special kit for blood & urine tests will be shipped to you.


| For a consultation with one of the certified doctors of Dr. Hertoghe’s team: 600 €/2 hours for the first-time consultation and 300 €/hour for subsequent consultations.

| For a blood and urine test analysis: 550 € for both tests with the best European laboratory. For the follow-up, only the blood test for 350€.



For further questions, to know the availabilities, or to register, you are welcome to contact by email hertoghechannel@gmail.com



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