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Postgraduate Training Program | Hormone Therapy & Nutritional Medicine

The Evidence-Based Nutritional Medicine Therapy | EBNT postgraduate diploma by WOSAAM

The Evidence-based Nutritional Medicine Therapy by Dr Hertoghe Medical School. This postgraduate training program is strongly evidence-based, updated, practical, and highly interactive through live webinars and prerecorded videos. 

  • To improve your skills in nutritional therapies.
  • To improve your knowledge and skills in nutritional therapies
    based on a scientifically well-referenced textbook.
  • To get you an official certification for these medical skills in
    Nutritional Medicine, acknowledged by the World Society
    of Anti-Aging Medicine (WOSAAM) and its president,
    Dr. Thierry Hertoghe.
  • To raise enthusiasm: it is a pleasure for physicians and other
    health professionals to feel they master the basic and many of
    the advanced skills in Nutritional Medicine.
  • To join the movement of more than 7000 members of the
    World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine.

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Evidence-based Hormone Therapy – Postgraduate is an online 2-cycle Postgraduate Training Program set up by Dr Hertoghe Medical School with the highest quality certified by the International Hormone Society (IHS)

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La Escuela de Medicina de Hertoghe | Hertoghe Medical School  tiene un programa de Formación de Posgrado en Terapia Hormonal Basada en la Evidencia – Posgrado EBHT certificado par International Hormone Society (IHS)                         

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