Module 1 – Immunology

The first module on immunology is composed of 5 lectures and will start in October 2020.

    1. Infection (COVID19 and other): Dietary, environmental and lifestyle therapies 
    2. Infection (COVID19 and other): Nutritional therapies
    3. Infection (COVID19 and other): Thymosin-alpha-1 and thyroid therapies
    4. Infection (COVID19 and other): Cortisol and DHEA therapies
    5. Infection (COVID19 and other): Melatonin, growth hormone, estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, and vasopressin therapies


The first module on immunology of viral Infections, including COVID19, Bacterial, and Parasite Infections is composed of 5 lectures.

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  • Reference: EBHT_1.