Hormone Therapy Certification – Learning Material & Online Examination



Under the control of the International Hormone Society (IHS, 3000 physicians).


Teaches the basic scientific information and practical know-how in hormone therapies.

Contains 15 online video courses




Learn the basic scientific information and practical know-how in hormone therapies with this fellowship

Hormone Therapy Consultation: Basics

Include hormone therapies in your anti-aging clinic

Hormone Level & Therapy Optimization

Optimize hormone levels by improving environmental, social, physical, lifestyle, psychological conditions

Endocrine disorders: Nutritional Therapies

Optimize hormone levels with nutritional supplements

Endocrine System Pollutants

Optimize hormone levels by avoiding pollutants

The 15 Major Hormone Therapies

A review of the most frequently prescribed and useful hormone therapies

Thyroid deficiency & Treatment

Safely and efficiently treat hypothyroidism from the mildest to the most severe degrees

DHEA, Cortisol, Aldosterone & Pregnenolone Therapies

The A-to-Z on how to treat with adrenal hormones

Female Hormone Therapies in Women & Men

The A-to-Z on how to administer female hormone therapies in females and males

Testosterone Therapy in Men & Women - Estradiol Therapy in Men

The A-to-Z on how to administer testosterone therapy in males and females

Growth Hormone & IGF-1 Treatments in Adults

Melatonin Therapy

The A-to-Z on melatonin deficiency and therapy

Thymus Hormone & Extract therapies

How to boost the immune system by the potent immune-stimulating thymus hormones

Diseases: Hormone Therapies to Cure or Prevent

The hormone therapies that may help reduce disease

Bone Hormone Therapies

Hormone therapies that may help prevent, relief or even cure osteopenia and osteoporosis

ACTH & MSH Therapies

What you need to know on two underestimated hormone treatments

Hormone Therapy Certification - Online Examination

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