Module 3 – Reversing Physical Aging

The third module on reversing physical aging with hormone and nutritional therapies is composed of 8 lectures.

  1. Reversing physical aging; Dietary, environmental and nutritional therapies 
  2. Reversing physical aging: Basic hormone therapies
  3. Reversing physical aging: Systemic and topical hormone therapies 
  4. Reversing the aging of the 5 senses with hormone and nutritional therapies 
  5. Restoring scalp hair aging and disorders with hormone therapies 
  6. Reversing face and skin aging with hormone therapies
  7. Reversing neck, chest, abdomen, back, and arm aging with hormone therapies
  8. Reversing leg, pelvis, and genital aging with hormone therapies 


The third module on reversing physical aging is composed of 8 lectures. And itis part of the EBHT Postgraduate “Evidence-Based Hormone Therapy” of the Hertoghe Medical School (HMS)

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