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Honor Code Pledge

The purpose of this Honor Code is to preserve and promote the integrity of the Online Video Courses (and related certifcates) provided on hertoghemedicalschool.eu.

Cheating, plagiarizing, or otherwise falsifying results of study is prohibited. This applies not only to examinations, but also to all work handed in (including drafts), such as papers. The work submitted is the student’s own and it shall be completed in accordance with the requirements of the course as specified

To enroll in a course , you must adhere to the following Honor Pledge:

I pledge on my honor that:

  • I have neither given nor receive unauthorized aid on the final examination ;
  • I have completed the final examination using only my own work and not submitting the work of any other person or persons;
  • I have not asked for or given information pertaining to any portion of an examination (including answers) before or after I have taken it, in such a way as to gain or give an advantage over other students;
  • I have not engaged in or utilized any activity that may improve my results in a dishonest way, nor influence the results of other students;

You want to enroll to an Online Video Course, please adhere now to the Honor Pledge .

Violations of the Honor Code are cause for refusal to enroll the concerned person to other Online Video Courses and/or withdrawal of the related certificate .

For all enquiries please contact contact@hertoghemedicalschool.eu

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