Hormone Beginners Package

The “Hormone Beginners Package”


The Hormone Handbook

This international practical hormone therapy bestseller for physicians reviews in detail the 16 most important hormone therapies, including an extensive list of scientific references for each one.

The Atlas of Endocrinology for Hormone Therapy

This unique atlas shows the physical signs and complaints regarding the 36 major hormone deficiencies and excesses encountered by physicians in their practices. The indispensable complement to The Hormone Handbook!

Online Courses

Major Hormone Therapies

Gain insight into how to diagnose and correct the most important hormone deficiencies. A good overview of the most usual hormone treatments before deepening each hormone treatment separately in further sessions. Indispensable information for physicians who treat hormone therapies.

Hormone Therapy Consultation: Basic

After a short overview of the therapies or interventions that are possible in anti-aging or lifespan medicine, this online course will give you in-depth information on how to conduct a hormone therapy consultation and correct hormone deficiencies in patients, even the mildest ones.

Hormone Therapy Consultation: Extensive

Gain A-to-Z information for diagnosis and treatment of hormone deficiencies and imbalances:

  • Collect medical history and other data due to hormone dysfunctions.
  • Complete an extensive physical examination to detect physical signs of hormone dysfunctions, also useful in follow-up.
  • Choose the best laboratory tests to screen for hormone and nutritional deficiencies or excess.
  • Etc.

Anti-Aging Clinic

Get a short overview of the therapies or interventions that are possible in anti-aging or lifespan medicine, and the information on how to conduct an anti-aging or pro-aging consultation to minimize aging in patients.


An attractive deal for everyone eager to get an in-depth knowledge of hormone therapies.

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