Hormone Beginners’ Package

The New
“Hormone Beginners’ Package”


The Hormone Handbook

Learn the 18 most important hormone therapies through 833 pages of highly referenced information. 
How to apply each hormone therapy to mind, body, disease and lifespan
+ The best methods and products to treat hormone deficiencies
+ How to solve problems during hormone treatment
+ The best lists of references to justify the use of hormone therapies


Explore the Table of Contents and get an overview of what you will learn:
Table of Contents



The Atlas of Endocrinology for Hormone Therapy

With 530 pictures of patients with physical endocrine signs of hormone deficiencies and excesses, this illustrated book is a daily companion for any physician who wants to master his hormone consultation. 

Enclosed are also lists of typical complaints, and scientific references supporting the association between signs and their corresponding hormone deficiencies and excesses. 


Explore the Table of Contents and get an overview of what you will learn:
Table of Contents


The two books above are also the learning materials for the Board Certification in Hormone Therapy. Enrolling in the Beginners Package confidently sets you on the path to be board certified!

Learn more about the Board Certification in Hormone Therapy


Online Courses

The Hormone Consultation (16 hours of video lecture)

This evidence-based module, part of Dr. Hertoghe’s Postgraduate Program, covers all aspects of hormone consultations, from the complaints to the physical exam, laboratory tests, hormone treatments, and follow-up.

Discover 7 lectures and 2 extra learning materials in:
+ Hormone consultation and actual complaints
+ Physical examination (part 1 and 2)
+ Laboratory tests
+ Hormone treatments (part 1 and 2)
+ Hormone consultation follow-up
+ Patient Cases
+ Patients and colleagues questions

This module is part of the Postgraduate Program – Cycle 2.
By completing it and the other modules from the same cycle, you will be certified of the Postgraduate Program : Evidence-Based Hormone Therapy! 


Major Hormone Therapies (6 hours of video lecture)

Discover the most frequently prescribed hormone therapies, including growth hormone, MSH and MSH-like, oxytocin, vasopressin/desmopressin, melatonin, thyroid, calcitonin, IGF-1, cortisol/glucocorticoids, pregnenolone, DHEA, aldosterone/fludrocortisone, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone in men and women.

For each hormone, discover how to:
+ Detect hormone deficiencies,
+ Recognize the typical symptoms and physical signs (with pictures of patients),
+ Interpret the laboratory tests,
+ Correct the deficits with hormone supplements.



The essentials for diving into hormone therapy, deepening your knowledge and starting your hormone consultations.

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