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Board Certification in Hormone Therapy

The unique international evidence-based basic hormone therapy training that helps the physicians become much more than just starters in hormone therapy

Learning content : excellent theoretical training in how to diagnose, treat, and follow-up the 12 most frequent and important hormone deficiencies, includes

    Medical history issues to know to be able to spot when each hormone deficiency started

–       Anamnesis: The psychological and somatic symptoms, and the physical signs of each hormone deficiency and its excess (including  hundreds of pictures of physical signs of hormone deficiency and excess)

–       Laboratory tests: The tests to do with designation of the most useful ones (including for each lab tests deficient, optimal and reference values expressed in all the various units used in your laboratory such as mg, µg, or nmol

–       Diseases: The diseases facilitated by these hormone deficiencies

–       Hormone treatments:

+   The hormone supplements to treat these deficiencies: doses, various types and routes of administration, with designation of the most efficient ones

+  How to start the treatment and adapt the treatment

+  Indications, contraindications, safety tips

+   How to improve the hormone levels without hormone supplements: with information on diet, nutrients, lifestyle, etc.

–       Follow-up: How to follow-up,

+  Which tests to do in the follow-up and how to interpret them

+   How to solve all the treatment problems patients may experience during treatment

–       Applications of treatment of disease typical to men and women: The hormone and nutritional treatments of prostate hypertrophy, breasts cysts, endometriosis, etc.

–       Evidence-based: An extensive review of the scientific literature on hormone therapies, including on  the hot topics on hormone therapy, which strongly support physicians in applying these therapies in their practice

The 12 hormone therapies : melatonin therapy, thyroid therapy, cortisol therapy, DHEA therapy, etc.

All information necessary for the exam is in The Hormone Handbook and The Atlas of Endocrinology.


Licensed physicians (medical doctors)


Under the control of the International Hormone Society (IHS, over 3,000 physicians).

Admission Criteria

  1. For physicians, experienced or not, who need to certify their knowledge in hormone therapies.
  2. A medical University degree as a physician
  3. Other health professionals may attend upon request and acceptance by the scientific committee.
  4. Applicants should be free from significant disciplinary on-going sanctions or restrictions.
  5. Payment of all Fees
  6. Board Certification: Acquisition of learning materials: The Hormone Handbook + The Atlas of Endocrinology


Learning objectives : focused on making the physician able to treat his endocrine-deficient patients with 12 different types of hormone therapies successfully

  1. Learn to diagnose 12 different types of hormone therapies
  2. Learn to treat with 12 different types of hormone therapies in various forms and routes of administration
  3. Learn to follow-up efficiently patients under these hormone treatments, and adequately solve problems that may occur during treatment
  4. Learn the tips that make the treatments more efficient and safe


Learning material

 All information necessary for the exam is included in two books:

–       The Hormone Handbook

–       The Atlas of Endocrinology for Hormone Therapy


Note: Only 12 of 18 hormone deficiencies and their therapies need to be studied for the examination. Thus, not all content needs to be learned: Mainly about 320 pages of the Hormone handbooks and 150 pages of pictures of the Atlas of endocrinology. The large parts on scientific references and 6 hormone therapies may be disguarded for the exam (including the chapters on symptoms in the Atlas of endocrinology).

Examination Fees

To take the exam: 1500 €

In case of failure, to retake the exam: 500 €


  1. Purchase the learning material and review the content at your own rhythm (we do not impose any timing).
  2. When you feel ready to take the exam, kindly contact the team at medschool@hertoghe.eu and organize a date with them. Note that you will need to come to the clinic in Brussels to take the exam.
  3. Send us your medical diploma (to the above e-mail address).
  4. You will have 2 hours to complete a multiple-choice questionnaire.
  5. You will receive your results by email within five business days.
  6. A certificate will be sent to you after successfully completing the exam either by the post or by e-mail (in pdf format).
  7. If you fail your exam, and upon payment of a reduced fee (500 euros), you can retake the exam up to a maximum of three times.



–       Content: Multiple choice questions with five possible answers

–       Answers: Only one answer per question is authorized

–       Points attributed: one point for each good answer, -0.2 point for a wrong answer

–       Types of question: Question on medical history, symptoms and signs of hormone deficiency (including recognizing on color pictures the hormone deficiency causing a physical endocrine sign), laboratory tests, hormone treatments, doses, routes of administration, follow-up issues, including how to solve problems occurring during treatment

–       Score: 60% of the points must be obtained

–       Difficulty: Fair. 70-80% of candidates are estimated to pass the exam at their first trial

–       Examples: Download here 10 examples of multiple choice questions

Estimated time necessary to study the learning material and successfully pass the exam

Experienced physicians: 70-140 hours; Inexperienced: 100-200 hours

Conditions to obtain the board certification

 Study of two books (hormone therapy guidebook + an atlas of endocrinology) and pass an exam

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