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Hormone Therapy Speciality (HTS)

The Hormone Therapy Speciality is one of the most complete international medical fellowships in hormone diagnosis and therapy.

Medical fellowships provide physicians with practical knowledge and skills in hormone therapies.

The Hormone Therapy Speciality is an excellent postgraduate training program to become advanced in hormone therapy scientifically and practically in more than 30 hormone therapies.

It helps physicians to treat the vast majority of endocrine pathologies, from borderline to overt hormone deficiencies and excesses.





The fee for the Hormone Therapy Speciality is €8300, consists of:

| Learning material: €7800

| Examination fees: €500 to take the exam (In case of failure: €250 to repass the exam)


Why should you as a physician get the complete fellowship in hormone therapy, the Hormone Therapy Speciality?

+ To become advanced in hormone therapy: scientific knowledge, safety, and practical administration of more than 30 hormone therapies (deficiencies and excesses in the thyroid, sexual hormones, DHEA, growth hormone, melatonin, oxytocin, etc.).

+ To get you an official certification for your medical skills in 30 hormone therapies, acknowledged by the International Hormone Society (IHS) and its president Dr. Thierry Hertoghe.

+ To raise enthusiasm: it is a pleasure for physicians to feel they master the basic and many of the advanced skills in Hormone Therapy.

+ To join the movement of more than 2500 physicians of the International Hormone Society; the IHS community.


Conditions for the Hormone Therapy Speciality

4 Essential conditions

1. Register here

2. Payment of 8300 euros (Payment possible by bank transfer or Paypal)

3. University medical doctor’s license/diploma or registration in the medical board: Copy to send to office@hertoghe.eu

4. Exam: 60% or more of the points must be obtained to pass the exam successfully.


For further information and/or query, you are welcome to send an e-mail to: 

📩 medschool@hertoghe.eu
📲 WhatsApp: +352 621 204 289


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