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Online Video Courses

Online video courses on a variety of topics in hormone and nutritional therapies!

Choose the medical videos that fit you best!



For physicians of all medical disciplines who wish to set up their own program adapted to their needs, and/or prefer to follow a limited number of online video courses. Later on, if the physician wants to go over to attend a fellowship or a certification in advanced therapy, the transition is easy as the courses followed have not to be redone.


Register & pay online for one or more modules centered on one theme (on thyroid therapy or longevity, for example),  and receive your selection in your secured chart. You can then watch the course when and where you want.



An attractive deal for everyone eager to get in-depth knowledge about hormone therapies.

This package includes:


  • The Hormone Handbook
  • The Atlas of Endocrinology for Hormone Therapy

Online courses:

  • Major Hormone Therapies
  • Hormone Therapy Consultations: Basic
  • Hormone Therapy Consultation: Extensive
  • Anti-Aging Clinic

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